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Don’t be fooled by its cool design. Our Wireless Body Analysis Scale is a workhorse. Measure, track and share 9 different characteristics of your body composition on our free iHealth mobile app. You can use it online or off. And our scale supports up to 20 users, so go ahead, compare your muscle mass with the whole family.

Product name: Wireless Body Analysis Scale
Product model: HS5
Classification: Internally powered, Type BF applied part
Machine size: 14.96” x 12.20” x 1.38”(380 mm × 310 mm × 35 mm)
Weight: 3.3 lbs / 1.5 kg (excluding battery)
Measuring method: Automatic full electronic measurement
Power: 4 × 1.5V AA batteries
Body weight range: 11 lb – 330 lb/ 5-150 kg
Body fat measurement range: 5%-65%
Body water measurement range: 20%-85%
Visceral fat rating range: 1-59
Body weight: ±1.1lbs (11lbs~88lbs); ±(1%+0.2lbs) (8~330lbs); ±0.5kg (5kg~40kg); ±(1%+0.1kg)(40kg~150kg)
Body fat: ±1%
Body water: ±1%
Body muscle mass: ±(1% + 0.2 lbs) / ±(1% + 0.1 kg)
Bones mass: ±0.66lbs / ±0.3 kg
Visceral fat rating: ±2
DCI (Daily Calorie Intake): ±200kcal
Operating temperature: 10°C - 35 °C (50°F~95°F)
Operating humidity: 20 - 85% RH
Storage and transport temperature: -20°C - 60 °C (-4°F~140°F)
Storage and transport humidity: 10 - 95% RH

How does the iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale work? 
iHealth Wireless Body Analysis uses four electronic sensors, as well as a set of proprietary algorithms to measure body composition. By standing still on these sensors with bare feet, the scale can accurately measure 9 different body components. Data is displayed on the scale, and automatically sent wirelessly to the free iHealth MyVitals app, which has personalized health tools to help you get the most out of your data and to better manage your health goal.

What does the iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale measure?
The iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale measures 9 different components including body weight, body fat, lean mass, muscle mass, bone mass, body water, daily calorie intake (DCI), and visceral fat rating.

How accurate is the iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale?
The iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale is a FDA and CE approved device. It meets the rigorous accuracy standards set by the governing bodies in the USA and Europe.

Can children use iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale? 
The iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale is designed for adults. Infants or young children or any person who cannot stand still without assistance should not use it. 

Can people with heart disease use the iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale? 
Yes, however, people with pacemakers should not use the scale due to electrical interference. 

What is body composition? 
In physical fitness, body composition is used to describe the percentages of fat, bone and muscle in human bodies. Because muscular tissue takes up less space in our body than fat tissue, our body composition—as well as our weight—determines leanness. 

How many users can iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale support?
The scale can accommodate up to 20 users and store up to 200 measurements for each user. When each user’s memory is full, any new measurements will overwrite the oldest ones. The scale is an ideal tool for families, fitness clubs and sports teams. 

Can the iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale be used without an iOS device? 
Yes. The scale can be used without an iOS device after the first connection is established. However it may be necessary to use your iOS device (launch the app) at least once every 200 weigh-ins, as new measurements overwrite older ones stored in the Scale. When the Wi-Fi connection is re-established measurement data will be uploaded to your iOS device 

What is iHealth Cloud and how to access it? 
Upon setting up your app user account, you will also have access to a free, secure iHealth cloud service account where all of your data is backed up and stored securely. Go to www.ihealthlabs.com, then click on "Sign in" to access your cloud service account using your app login name and password. You can log in to the cloud from anywhere and anytime to access your data, regardless of where the measurement was taken.

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